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This hat is not merely an accessory; it is a bold statement of elegance and avant-garde artistry. Its base, a rich crimson cylinder, acts as the theatre stage from which the drama of adornments plays out. A quintet of roses in varying stages of bloom, as dancers caught in a passionate tango, march across the curve, their red petals the symbol of a fiery heart. Rising from this garden, an extravagant plume of feathers fans out, whispering tales of exotic lands and the soft caress of a gentle breeze. With grace akin to the majestic swan, they curve, adding a dynamic sweep of sophistication to the wearer's silhouette. This hat, poised atop the head of its wearer, transforms into a crown that speaks of courage, creativity, and the unfettered spirit of one who dares to stand out from the crowd.

Description: Button shaped red hat embellished with long burnt ostrich feather and multi size peony flowers..

Composition: % 60 Lyra SateenFabric , % 35 A Grade Sinamay, %5 Others

Trimmings:  burnt ostrich feathers

Construction: Woven

Made in: London / England

Production: Please note that all of our products are handmade to order, which means that there might be slight variations in colour and detail. Your order will be ready to ship within 15 working days. Additionally, all Merve Bayindir headbands come with custom hat boxes.

***Kindly be informed that you will be responsible for any customs and duty fees applicable in your country.

Why made to order?

Because we care

All of our models are hand-made in our atelier. For us made to order means; "freshly made just for you with love". By doing so we don't just make perfect pieces but also we protect the environment. We produce as much as needed instead of wasting our resources.

Merve Bayindir millinery is a sustainable & fair-trade company. All animal products used are byproducts.

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