Spring/Summer 2023 Hats & Fascinators


No identity.
We removed all the biases that come with a model to solely focus on the shapes and colours of our designs.
No gender.
We made our designs speak for themselves in a way only the person gazing upon them can fully interpret.
No limit.
We gave you a blank canvas to help you imagine reflecting your unique style with a thoughtfully designed headpiece.
It’s on YOU.

Our Spring/Summer 2023 collection is inspired by the harmony of the nature and the beauty of wild landscapes untouched by humans and their expectations. Pure wildness of the nature from the sky to the ground. Togetherness of the most brave colours in harmony, the audacity of the unwavering self preservation and self-representation of nature. This is the thing to be inspired. A reality to be respected and honoured.
Inspired by such a strong force, we pushed ourselves to use renewed shapes on a higher difficultly level and create daring combinations of colours.

No shame. No need to worry about pleasing others then your true self.

We wanted to remove the labels and identifications imposed with couture headpieces. We did not want to talk about a narrowed-down target audience to make ourselves look unreachable; instead, we wanted to announce that we let anyone to be a part of our wildly creative world. We felt that removing the model touched up by hair and make-up professionals from the equation and replacing them with a simple, live, canvas-like mannequin is the most daring way of presenting our boundary-pushing designs. We aimed to take the old school on a spin on its wheels making sure it will stay with us forever, improving and improvising according to the needs of the new and now.
Each headpiece is made for you, the viewer. We encourage being who you are rather than presenting yourself as a copy of an ‘idealised’ look, person or an image.

It’s time for you to be unapologetically you.