We make all our hats except our sports wear using the traditional wood blocks. Which means we need a lot of strength on picking them up and moving them around. We have a trusted partner that custom makes our hat blocks .

Our sports hats are made using hot metal blocks one by one and they are cut and trimmed by hand.


All of our base fabrics is shaped by using steam. Like most of our trims. While the water is dangerous for hats when it comes to shaping it we would not be able to do it with out steam


Each of our hats are not only coloured in house but also tailored by hand which makes them couture and unique.


Every trim we use on our hats is custom created. From colouring to shaping , everything is done by hand and needs a lot of attention as well as love.


Once every detail of a hat is ready it is all about balancing it on the head. We use custom made wire headbands, elastics as well as combs in our hats to make them look perfect on your head.