Spring Summer 24 Hats & Fascinators


The collection is representation of all the possibilities and the feelings we could or might have through these feelings. Over the years as a designer, I tried to stay on certain styles directed by the seasons and clients. Wondering more what they want than how I feel.

While there never is and will be a place when a designer can fully ignore their clients, it is needed to experiment with other elements.

This collection is sort of the story of a “what if” feeling that I have not lived for a while…. It is a feeling dear to my heart cause as your heart and mind wonders of to the possibilities you get to experience a whole new level of emotions. I have made a choice of not involving with someone or possibility of having a family… It is a choice I have made as I wanted to pursue my career and as a very emotional person I wanted to give all that to my work. I have no regrets…

Yet over the past one year a chain of events that almost took everything I worked for away from me, made me go back and question my choices, while at the same time as life does other opportunities presented themselves that could have change the way I have been living fully. May be I could have been having a glass of wine in a bar in Pavia now, or may be I could have been considering having a child, or get a new dog maybe… Maybe I could have been riding a bicycle in a warmer city, may be I could have been working for someone where I do not have to worry so much on every step. Or maybe just maybe I could have been holding someone else’s hand.

Starting from that point I wanted to experiment of headbands that are different than the casual ones a gate way for those who had never dared to wear a headpiece. A little scared but always wonder the What If’s of a headpiece. I did not limit the designs with colours giving me a large set of choices while taking some of the most odd details and adding them on to my pieces. This 45 piece capsule collection has 6 lines 4 of them being headbands give a large set of options to clients that are entering the world of hats to the ones who are ready to dare.

It is important to questions the possibilities in our lives. While I believe a what if cannot have a maybe in it, as they are filled with long timings, places and stages… Tomorrow is filled with possibilities, if only one can take it.



1-FLAVOUR - named after some of the most favourite or/and unfavourite flavours of people. Like the taste of a new feeling whether it is good or bad. A playful set of contemporary headbands, a play on colours and beads. Like life it-self keeping many different elements (flavours) even in one small feeling.

2-GAIA- meaning earth, named after the mythical or real animals, is an experimental headband series. Instead of border of the ordinary decorations adding a different element of nature while combining them with classic details of a headpiece. Representing the naturally wild, daring but hidden side of our feelings.

3-DANCE- named after different forms of dance represent the games we play or acts we put on through the time we are getting to know someone, thinking the possibilities and seeing the reactions.. Experimenting on whether we will synchronise to each other's rhythms. The group of headbands with either daring colours or details invites the customer to find a middle way between a simple headband and a statement headpiece.

4-CAPITULA - meaning different stages in latin- each pieced representing a different feeling we have in a relationship , the let go, the acceptance, the falling in love… There is so many moments we go through after the initial moment.. With our hearts carrying so much, breaking so many times, it is a step by step moment that one needs to experience till they reach that full love stage. This group go headbands re-invents to innocence on a simple headwear while touching it up with more than just simple sequences. This very classic and timeless set of headbands brings the vintage and today together for everyone.

5-DEA - meaning goddess in latin, each masked named after goddess. This group of mask represent the different ways of feeling sexy in a person. Everyone wants to feel wanted and a little mystery of our selves mixed with our inner goddess. We all feel unattainable sometime and maybe wanna keep it that way yet we always wanna be recognised. The statement style masks are all daring and a more elegant & daring way of using mask.

6- DIES - in latin meaning day/time/ period - named after seasons, and the beautiful details of those season in latin. This is a group of contemporary yet elegant hat series. The pieces are symbols of high emotions. The big feelings which we try to overcome or hide should not be hidden, day should be dared and lived there for when you put a hat on it should should be strong enough to represent your commitment to what you are doing