BRIDAL 2023 Hats & Fascinators


All around the world, when two people decide to unite their lives with each other they take vows. Whether in front of officials or only between two people; it’s a promise for a future of unconditional love, support, and trust. It’s the pledge of two people to be there for each other in good days and bad days. It’s a big step; a promise of a lifetime partnership.

Merve Bayindir Millinery Bridal 2023 Collection is named after this eternal bond: PROMISE

Inspired by the crowns and head accessories of queens, princesses and rulers from the history, the collection carries the delicate details of the past to today. Unlike previous bridal collections, Bridal 2023 Collection has a more classic use of bridal materials.

The intricate combination of simple sateen with beads, lace fabrics, crystals and rhinestones result in a luxurious and contemporary interpretation of classic styles. In addition to these details, Bridal 2023 Collection brings in veils in different forms like lace hat veils or tulle bridal veils.

Merve Bayindir Millinery Bridal 2023 Collection consists of four distinct yet linked lines ranging from fresh takes on bows using double bows to variations of floral details with custom made flowers.