Older Favourites SS Hats & Fascinators

Our previous spring and summer collections have been very popular with our clients, and we would like to offer you some of their favourite models that have become our classics. These models were carefully designed with unique fabrics, which make them stand out from the rest.

We understand that some of our customers might have missed the opportunity to purchase these models in the past, so we have decided to keep them available for you. As long as we have access to the special fabrics we use to make these models, we will continue to offer them.

However, some models may eventually be removed from our collection if we cannot source the materials needed to produce them. But for now, we have a large selection of these classic models available for you to choose from. With our classic models, you can find your favorite summer pieces from previous collections. So, don't hesitate to browse our collection and find the perfect model that suits your style.