Autumn/Winter 2022 Hats & Fascinators

"La Petite"

A very feminine and elegant collection with statement headpieces in unusually smaller proportions, inspired by the French attitude that Merve Bayindir has always appreciated. Although can be defined as the continuation of our Spring/Summer 2022 collection which was built on vintage French styles of the Golden Age, our Autumn/Winter 2022 collection “La Petite” focuses more on “la mode”.

Merve Bayindir Millinery Autumn/Winter 2022 collection is built on three main colours - black, pink, and navy - which are the most popular winter colours of our times. The collection provides a compact selection for your closet ranging from striking yet simple designs to statement headpieces that will turn all the heads your side once you walk into an event. Whether be it a cocktail, party, wedding or any kind of special occasion, headpieces from “La Petite” collection radiates the elegant and mysterious attitude of a French lady.
"Though a lot will match red with French, I wanted to go with black, pink, and navy which are slightly easier to compliment today’s styles. This collection is a kind of tribute to my many French friends as well as to Champagne – my very first alcoholic beverage - which may be the reason why a part of me have been and will always be in-love with French culture." - Merve Bayindir