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The light blue button-shaped fascinator is a striking piece that combines elegance with a touch of whimsy. Its base is a neatly structured, circular form covered in a smooth, light blue crinoline fabric that provides a clean and sophisticated foundation. This understated base allows the more intricate elements of the fascinator to stand out, ensuring a balanced and harmonious overall design.

Adorning the base of the fascinator are several delicate, light blue fabric flowers that add a soft, feminine touch to the piece. These flowers are positioned thoughtfully around the brim, creating a sense of movement and fluidity. Their realistic petals and subtle shading enhance the natural beauty of the flowers, making them a captivating focal point. The flowers are complemented by a few carefully placed leaves, which add depth and dimension to the design.

One of the most eye-catching features of this fascinator is the swirling, translucent ribbon that rises from the base and extends upwards in a graceful spiral. This ribbon adds an element of height and drama, drawing the eye upward and creating a dynamic silhouette. The ethereal quality of the ribbon, with its delicate transparency, contrasts beautifully with the more solid elements of the piece, resulting in a fascinator that is both playful and refined. 

Ideal for all formal events specially suitable for wedding guests and Royal Ascot.

Description: Onyx is a light blue, button shaped fascinator. This unique fascinator is circled with light blue crinoline and is decorated with blue roses, shaded blue leaves and blue organza butterflies. 

Fabric Composition: 45% A Grade Sinamay, 20% Silk Sateen, 20% Polyester, 10% Cotton, 5% Other

Colour: Light Blue

Non-fabric Trim: -

Construction: Woven

Made In: London, England

Production: All our products are handmade to order. Please note that there may be slight differences in colour due to the nature of handmade production process. 

Delivery: Your order will be ready to ship within 15 working days. All Merve Bayindir hats are delivered with custom hat boxes.

***Kindly be informed that you will be responsible for any customs and duty fees applicable in your country.

Why made to order?

Because we care

All of our models are hand-made in our atelier. For us made to order means; "freshly made just for you with love". By doing so we don't just make perfect pieces but also we protect the environment. We produce as much as needed instead of wasting our resources.

Merve Bayindir millinery is a sustainable & fair-trade company. All animal products used are byproducts.

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