Royal Ascot Millinery Collective 2019

Merve Bayindir custom designed hat for Royal Ascot Millinery Collective 2019. Exclusive for Fenwick Bond Street.

Millinery Collective

Merve Bayindir SS19


Name Of the Hat:


Fairy Wings




The large brim hat is made of custom colored dust pink three layers of Pinok Pok. The custom made wings, which also somewhat look like hydrangeas, are made from 3 meters of silk organza. There are three colors used for the wings are; pink, light purple, blue and yellow. The wings are laser cut and custom colored one by one.  In between the wings there is a small amount of long see through sequences to help create the magical illusion of shine as well as changing color with the reflection of light.




For the piece while I wanted to stay connected to the softness and the sense of my SS19 collection “Whispers of Sensations”, I also wanted something that had more details and movement.

Even though it might be something from our childhood I believe in every women’s heart there is a magical land where we hide our most innocent thoughts, feelings and dreams. When I think about a place like that somehow it becomes about magical and mystical characters. Fairies are sort of the most beautiful creatures that grant your wishes I know. As a hopeless dreamer this hat is inspired from my magical land where I hide my happiness, desires and dreams.


The pink represents my dreams, the yellow represents everyone that touch my life, the blue represents my hope, the purple represent all I achieved and last the see through sequences represent all the possibilities.