Hats Off Wedding Season

Hats off to Merve Bayindir: wedding season is on the horizon

Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day have all come and gone, which can only mean one thing – there are now hundreds of more people engaged in 2018!

This means shopping for new wedding hats, dresses, shoes, and accessories. When it comes to headwear for weddings and ceremonies, we’ve got you covered.

With wedding season on the horizon, Merve Bayindir is pleased to introduce a new collection. With elegant florals and exquisite classical pieces, there’s no better time to choose your perfect wedding and ceremonial headwear.


Every era has their inspiring out of ordinary woman; we believe Elizabeth Taylor was the one for 50’s… Every body knows her smile and laughter; she was never shy to speak out, as she was never afraid of colors or over the top looks

The Elizabet Collection is our signature style, adding a touch of beautiful 50’s to spin heads this season, while The Collection offers bold styles and unique designs to make you the star of the show for any occasion.


The women, who wore the best hats in history, admired by all inspiration for us dear Audrey Hepburn. How many women can look so good in pink we wondered while being inspired by her.

The line has very elegant yet fashion forward pieces. It is created using all the pastel tones of pink mixed with beautiful naturel color of nude. The clean look of each piece with the complex compound of elements used in detailing is what makes this an Audrey Hepburn.

Who says you can come overdressed? Merve Bayindir’s formal pieces put you at the centre of attention, using subtle designs and intricate weaves, this collection is part of the hottest lines straight from our most sought-after collection.


Like her name Grace Kelly is the symbol of Grace. What colors other than blue and green can be more graceful we thought while staring her picture with her green gown.

The elegant flowers used in this collection, with some very classic blocks is due to the impact she created on us… Her pure beauty and elegance is almost impossible to reflect. The lace detailing on the hats are inspired by her royal side, while keeping some pieces less crowded to bring her pure attitude more to the front lines.

Beautiful, styles for the most stylish of women, our Grace collection artfully uses the hues of the season to compliment your look.

Open for Preorder

All our designs are handmade using the finest-quality fabrics and materials. Some of our collection has already been turning the heads of a few very important people – such as the Queen at London Fashion Week - check it out on our Instagram page!

Choosing the right style and headwear for occasions is an important task, but with Merve Bayindir hat and military design, you can rest assured whichever garment you wear will be unique and match your own style and tastes.

It’s easy to order something you like – just get in touch to speak to one of our experts, who will be pleased to provide advice and custom-made headwear for that upcoming wedding or special event!

Our new collection is now open for wholesale and preorder. Choose your style before the season starts and be the trendsetter that everyone wants to follow this year.