Hat Etiquette

One of the things we are often asked for, other than our beautiful hats, is a quick education on hat etiquette. It is fair to say that most of the time hats do not feature in daily life; however they are a delight to wear and a joy to make, so we do believe it is essential to understand a bit more about hat-iquette

Hat Inside

This is a question that comes up a lot with wedding attire, whether the hat or the fascinator we understand that people want to get things right. Well, ladies, you will be pleased to know that you do not have to remove your hat when you go inside. In fact, if you have ever watched coverage of the Royal Weddings, you will see that it is in fact due protocol for ladies to cover their head with a hat or fascinator (which have become infinitely popular thanks to these events) and it would be considered bad form to attend the church not wearing something. Now, should you happen to be at a different type of event and wearing a rain hat, you would be expected to remove it when you went inside, this extends to fur hats or other such winter attire worn purely for warmth. But to compliment your outfit, you are welcome to leave your hat on. Gents, sadly the same cannot be said for you, it is very much a case of hats off when you go indoors, including a church. You can leave your hat on in corridors and lobbies, and this strangely includes elevators; however, one would remove the hat if a lady steps into the elevator.

When the National Anthem is Played

Again, this is where the men must remove their hats as a mark of respect. Women may leave their hats on, assuming you have a headpiece befitting of a lady of course. If you have chosen to wear a unisex hat, example a baseball cap, then you would be required to remove it during the National Anthem. The same rules apply during a drive-by for a funeral, or when passing a flag. Looking at our Royal Family as an example of proper etiquette once more, you will notice when Prince Harry and Megan were driven past flags after the wedding; he saluted while Ms.Markle lowered her gaze. In this case, his military uniform dictates that he does not need to remove his hat.

Finally, if you remove your hat, no matter what the reason, you must ensure that you hold it in such a way that the inside of the hat is never seen, the hat must be held against the body with the outside facing out, and the interior covered by the body. But have no fear, if you visit us to have your hat made for any occasion, Royal Ascot, the Kentucky Race or a bridal party we will be more than happy to help you with any questions you might have about how to wear your hat.