Going to Royal Ascot?

 Dress Prepared in the Finest Headwear in 2018


At Royal Ascot,you could be among those who are wearing the absolute best of the best with our exclusive collections. Our range of Elizabeth, Audrey, and Grace have their own unique style, with elegant designs and bold colours that suit your tastes for the races that everyone's talking about.


Royal Ascot isn’t just a racing event, it's theracing event, and anyone who's anyone will be there. Not only that, but everyone will also be in their best wear, and headwear is one of the most challenging accessories to accomplish in both style and originality. That dusty wedding hat from a few years ago just won't do! 


But there's no need to panic, at Merve Bayindirwe have you covered. 


Elizabeth – exuberant Elizabeth Taylor inspired this colourful collection

Our Elizabeth range is true royalty, with selections of bold colours she definitely wins her place at Royal Ascot. She boasts classic designs for the fashion conscious. Appearing in yellows, pinks, and greens, Elizabeth is the talk of the town and you’ll definitely feel glamorous wearing her. 


Audrey – Sleek Audrey Hepburn-esquestyle to make you stand out

Fashionable, exquisite, truly stunning in unique style, Audrey is a sophisticated line with sweeping sweet, romantic and classic designsand stunning fabrics. There are several different looks for this year's Royal Ascot, and our Audrey collection will surely be a huge winner. 


Grace – the stunning Grave Kelly is resolute in this year’s millinery collection at Merve Bayindir

Our Grace collection is nothing short of delicate design and subtle colours. Elegant in her style, Grace offers blues and greens in elegant floral design to really make you stand out at this year’s biggest racing event. 


Whatever your style, Merve Bayindirhas the range to suit. We can provide expert advice on our range of headwear and you'll be comforted in the knowledge that you will grace Royal Ascot with your stunning piece that will most likely turn heads!