Must Have Fashion Caps

Can you wear something that suits your style and is also suitable for everyday use? Well no, that’s surely impossible! But we’ve done it – Merve Bayindir hasrecently launched a new collection for both men and women, using quality materials and each item handmade.

Our Purist caps collection is a must have this coming season. This unique and stunning headwear is made from 100% pure wool, handmade to perfection. We’ve created the collection with a twist on design and the shape means this hot-to-have millinery wear covers your whole head – perfect to shade your face from sunny weather.

The minimalist style means you can wear these caps day-in, day-out, and they’re versatile so you can dress up a subtle outfit for almost any occasion.

Be classical in black

The old saying is, black goes with everything. That’s no exception for our sleek classical black styles, perfect for bold outfits or if you really want to make a statement. Choose from stylish black design or our Rose cap to add a bit of femininity to your look.

Boldly does it

If black isn’t going to be the style of cap for you, choose from one of our designs rich in colour such as our Royal cap – a beautiful shade of blue that matches any skin tone and a range of outfits. If you show up at a popular event with this colour and design you’ll definitely be remembered!

Subtle sweet grey

Our Grey cap is perfect for men and women alike, as the subtle colour matches a wide variety of clothing. A popular choice for wearing every day, this headwear is certainly an investment worth making to add a touch of brilliant style for the fashion-conscious.

All our designs in the millinery collection are handmade and woven from the finest quality wool. Prices start from just £150, so be quick and pick your favouritebefore we sell out!