Merve Bayindir Millinery is proud to join hands with Okwuís_Frocentric to support her  amazing campaign "Foster-a-woman".

Okwuís_Frocentric is a philanthropy venture capital launched in 2017 by Dr Chichi Menakaya, a Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon that started designing from 12 years of age while living in Nigeria, West Africa. She seeks to inspire individuals through fashion. 

Okwuís_Frocentric label is designed to portray the uniqueness and affluence of African culture by integrating this with western values. The profits of this collection starts businesses for survivors of domestic violence in Africa through our "Foster-a-woman”  campaign via our mother charity Okwuí Mask Scheme. This fashion line was born out of a passion to empower survivors of domestic violence globally.

The first part of One Africa took our fashion from London United Kingdom to Cape Town South Africa to reach communities where survivors have not been celebrated.Here we inspired individuals to aspire for greatness and join the campaign against this crime which continues to be predominant in Africa. 

As part of this movement we are doing some shoots with professionals/models in London, United Kingdom speaking out about this grievous crime and just came across your pieces. We would love to use your pieces for this shoot if you are interested in collaborating with this movement. This campaign is targeted at empowering women.