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This beautiful hat is a burst of creativity that resembles a delicate dandelion before the wind takes its seeds on a whimsical dance. The fine strands sprawl out in a radiant display, catching the light and casting a subtle glow. At its core, there is a cluster of ornamental brilliance that resembles a constellation of jewels, anchoring the sprawling tendrils. The hat sits gracefully atop the wearer's head, and a headband provides the cradle for this work of art, transforming the wearer into a vision of avant-garde elegance. This hat tells a tale of boldness and beauty, an artistic expression that crowns one in sheer splendor, inviting gazes to linger on the wearer who dares to make the world their canvas.

Description: Navy coloured button shaped piece decorated with extra long burnt peacock feathers and multi colour crystals

Composition: % 95 A Grade Sinamay, %5 Others

Trimmings:  Crystal Beads, Burnt Peacock Feathers

Construction: Woven

Made in: London / England

Production: Please note that all of our products are handmade to order, which means that there might be slight variations in colour and detail. Your order will be ready to ship within 15 working days. Additionally, all Merve Bayindir headbands come with custom hat boxes.

***Kindly be informed that you will be responsible for any customs and duty fees applicable in your country.

Why made to order?

Because we care

All of our models are hand-made in our atelier. For us made to order means; "freshly made just for you with love". By doing so we don't just make perfect pieces but also we protect the environment. We produce as much as needed instead of wasting our resources.

Merve Bayindir millinery is a sustainable & fair-trade company. All animal products used are byproducts.

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