By Merve Bayindir


The Twins celebrates all that makes the perfect partnership divine in millinery. This handmade hat brings together Autumnal colours, golden with warmth, and pairs them with two bloomed roses from this season. It perches on the head elegantly, with a silhouette that allows for your own beauty to shine through. A fan of structured lace encircles the entire piece, extending its charm far beyond your own expectations. This demure hat has a bespoke quality, shown through its exquisite craftsmanship. For those events where you need to shine, this easy-to-wear headpiece lends itself to weddings, formal parties and dinner celebrations alike. 


Peachbloom felt mini button decorated with, 2 handmade silk taffeta roses and detailed with veil.


The piece is ready to be shipped in 2 weeks after the order. Comes in a custom Merve Bayindir black suet hat box.

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