Royal Cap

By Merve Bayindir


A pop of blue against the chill of Autumn - the Royal Purist Cap is a feat of true craftsmanship. It showcases the exquisite skill needed in millinery, producing a cap that has absolutely no seams. This unified design glides comfortably on to the head for an exact fit and one that will keep you warm for many months to come. The rich blue colour captures the attention of every passer by and visually embraces the frosty air that is sure to descend as you move through the year. Perfect for both men and women, it partners beautifully with coats and jumpers to keep your style on point every single year. 

100% Wool and hand made caps take the full shape of the head. They have a very good shade coverage. This is a unisex cap.

The Royal Blue makes it not only flashy enough for a sunny day but also perfect to be recognize in a dark rainy day. One of the most popular color Royal Blue used with this hat is the best and easiest way of using a statement color.


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