By Merve Bayindir


Make no excuse for the prowess of the Queen. Demanding attention as soon as you enter the room, this handmade cocktail cap is surely one to take your breath away. The Victoria inspiration is clear - from the silken black rose petals through to golden netted detailing. It perches high on the head, ensuring each acquaintance that passes your way is afforded the opportunity to admire it. Stylish, exquisite and bold - the millinery art piece takes the lead with no need for anyone to follow. It is perfect for those events when you need to be the queen in your own right with no room to be overshadowed. 


Peachbloom felt decorated with a large hand-made silk abaca flower, embellished with gold veil covered Buntal swirls and waffle veiling.


The piece is ready to be shipped in 2 weeks after the order. Comes in a custom Merve Bayindir black suet hat box.

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