By Merve Bayindir


With its angular silhouette, the Lace is a bespoke millinery that will have the compliments flowing in. Ideal for lengthening the appearance of the jawline, it spikes up across the head and creates an elegant shield from the harshest rays. Inspired by the whimsical beauty of fallen snowflakes, it takes on a darker edge with the use of deep blacks and ever-timeless golden embellishment. Curved ribbon accents step in to add depth to a handmade hat that already sits proudly in your collection. For the kind of elegance that seems born into your repertoire, the Lace partners effortlessly with gowns and hairstyles of all types. 


Pinkok base decorated with Buntal swirls, lace details and embellished with gold colored brass ornaments.


The piece is ready to be shipped in 2 weeks after the order. Comes in a custom Merve Bayindir black suet hat box.

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