By Merve Bayindir


Timeless elegance never goes out of fashion and this graceful headpiece will look fabulous at any formal occasion. The pari-sisal beret base is decorated with a taffeta hydrangea and dramatic curlicue quill before being finished with a traditional short veil. Smart and sophisticated, the soft pinks of this hat make it a wonderful choice for bridal wear, weddings or other events.

DEDICATED TO: Isadora Duncan – An American and French dancer whose work in free, interpretive movement formed the basis of modern dance, therefore hailing her as the “Mother of Modern Dance”


Beret style Pari-sisal base decorated with taffeta hydrangea, shaped quills and veil.

Fitted with elastic & comb


All our pieces are made to order. Once you order the piece it will be shipped within 7 working days and delivered in 3 to 10 working days, depending on your location. 

All Merve Bayindir hats come with their own custom black velvet hat box.

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