By Merve Bayindir


A dramatic blend of monochrome beauty - the Hypnotize. Sure to capture the gaze and admiration of many an admirer, this statement headpiece demands attention from all. An over sized silk Abaca rose displayed pearlescent petals to sheer perfection. Pair this with a captivating netted face veil and elongated black feathers for a look that will draw breath away. This head piece stands proudly, tall on the head with elongated and soft lines. When paired with understated dresses or garments, it offers the only accessory needed to look and feel the part. Take control of the message you exude to the world and choose to Hypnotize all who gaze your way.

Large Glittered Silk Abaca Rose set on a small size button shaped double layer Pinok Pok. Decorated with custom cut feathers and Buntal swirls. Finished with full round veil.

DELIVERY: The piece is made to order. After the confirmation of your order, the piece will be made in 2 weeks and given to courier depending on the distance the item wil be delivered in 5 to 10 working days. All Merve Bayindir hats come with their custom black velvet hat boxes.

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