By Merve Bayindir


As if plucked from royal wardrobes, the Empress blurs the lines between demure elegance and exquisite detail. The Parisisinal inspired silhouette curves around the head, sitting off to one side and enclosing your curls with ease. Across the body, O'Keefe inspiration makes itself know through pearl embroidered flowers and shimmering petals. Brides with an eye for alluring style will find themselves drawn to the curved swirls of Buntal that glide away from the face. This head dress is surely one for women who embrace subtle beauty. Those who understand the importance of a timeless silhouette and it's power for the female form.
Custom shaped Parisisal base decorated with different sizes of pearl flowers and Buntal swirls. Fixed on a metal headband.
DELIVERY: The piece is made to order. After the confirmation of your order, the piece will be made in 2 weeks and given to courier depending on the distance the item wil be delivered in 5 to 10 working days. All Merve Bayindir hats come with their custom black velvet hat boxes.

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