Lilum Millinery

By Merve Bayindir


 This statement millinery is a perfect fit for you if you want to be a flash a an event. The basket wave detail being used not only as a large brim but also veil is what makes it special. The illusion of wearing the hat on the side when you are actually wearing the hat it was meant to be is a fashion statement. This millinery is decorated with hand made details like every other Merve Bayindir piece. The taller you are the better it will suit you. Try to style it with low-neck suits or dresses.



Yellow Pari-sisal crown, double layer basket wave large brim, decorated with green jinsin swirl, silk taffeta handmade flower, and Turkish needle lace flowers. Fitted to the head with a comb and two elastic bands.


The piece is ready to be shipped in 3 weeks after the order. Comes in a large black suet custom hat box. 

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