By Merve Bayindir


With its sleek and demure silhouette, the Captive gives off an air of mystery. The sloped brim hat sits elegantly on the head with a monochrome colour pallet that blends seamlessly with any look. The final detail comes from black ostrich spines and handcrafted Turkish needle lace flowers. A celebration of women and the beauty if understated glamour. Pair with a wedding outfit to celebrate the union of two people. Or wear with a structured suit for an Ascot look that stands ahead of all the rest. Where elegance is the focus, this beautiful headdress is one for women of all ages and style.
Large brim hat double layer of black Pinok Pok topped with double layer of Glittered Pinok Pok decorated with black ostrich spines and hand made black Turkish needle lace flowers
DELIVERY: The piece is made to order. After the confirmation of your order, the piece will be made in 2 weeks and given to courier depending on the distance the item wil be delivered in 5 to 10 working days. All Merve Bayindir hats come with their custom black velvet hat boxes.

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