Black Rose

By Merve Bayindir


Tilted to one side, the Black Rose millinery possesses a romance about its captivating design. The rich contrast between luxuriant gold and deep black exude a sense of regality commonly noted in Victorian design. It expresses an aspect of your rich personality - a flurry of femininity combined with poignant elegance. Darkened blooms puff their silken petals and streams of ribbon weave their way into a style that stands out from the rest. The perfect dash of glamour and beauty for any event, from wedding celebrations through to societal cocktail parties. This bespoke hat pairs with simple hair styles, with the charm it needs to make you feel eternally beautiful.


Peachbloom felt button base decorated with gold colored brass flowers and a hand-made silk velvet rose embellished with Buntal swirl.


The piece is ready to be shipped in 2 weeks after the order. Comes in a custom Merve Bayindir black suet hat box.

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