Garden of Eve

By Merve Bayindir


The Garden of Eve is a statement that outshines all the rest. In moments where all eyes need to grace upon you, it demands the gaze of every onlooker. The extra large brim curves around the face, creating an art piece of it's own. Upon it's body, over 1000 hand made mini water lilies swirl around in a dance of lavender, dusty pinks and creams. Pair with understated gowns or tailored suits - this hat needs no accompaniment to drop jaws from every angle. As if plucked from the gardens of heaven, it celebrates everything wondrous about femininity and occasion wear.
X-large size brim hat is made of 3 layers of custom colored Blue Pinok Pok. Decorate with over 1000 hand made mini water lilies.
DELIVERY: The piece is made to order. After the confirmation of your order, the piece will be made in 2 weeks and given to courier depending on the distance the item wil be delivered in 5 to 10 working days. All Merve Bayindir hats come with their custom black velvet hat boxes.

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