Sunset Spring/Summer 21


World is going through a very difficult time and we all experience this in our own ways, however we all have realised there are at least one or two simple things that we have taken granted in our daily lives. We have also remembered to enjoy the simplest things in our lives and we also learned how to make do, in the midst of this unexpected crises.

Like everyone else I had my experience of this crises, my biggest joy during this time had been the extra hot two weeks under lockdown. As we took  the couch to our backyard, set up a small cinema, arrange all our snacks, chill under the changing colours of the sky. This experience reminded my grand-parents summer house on the beach at Avsa Island. Every night was a magical sunset between the sun and sky with the company of family and friends. How simple life and joys were back than…

The colours of the collection is based on the sunset hour colours. How a blue sky with few clouds turn in to so many colours: pink to yellow to peach and red. The simplest daily event that we don’t even pay attention unless we are on a vacation. The beauty that we take for granted, the art we don’t take in to consideration : nature in it is most effortless form.

Hence this collection which we have chosen to go with block colours so we would display the forms and intricate details of our hats without the magic of shades. With the idea of less is more a plainer yet more detailed, stronger yet softer, more confident yet humble collection, representing us coming through the mids of a crisis like a beautiful SUNSET after a stormy day.

Because of the sculptures nature of the hats, they are all named after female mythological characters/ goddesses.

40 products

40 products