Spring/Summer 2022

"Golden Age"

Golden Age is a collection inspired from Golden age of Hollywood. The Golden age of Hollywood starts around 1915 and ends in 1963/64. It is called golden age not only because of the amount of money the movies produced at the time but also the glittering and glamours movie starts that enchanted everybody. The entire collection is inspired by the styles of the times between the 20’s and 60’s bringing the luxurious and glamours style of the actresses both in and out of the movies. 
It is time to bring back the golden days. The collection aims to bring hats to our lives not only for weddings and races but for cocktails, dinners, even for day time glamour. The pieces in this collection are designed to serve the persons moods, as well as styles. A collection that inspires one to have their own iconic moment.
While there are very dramatic pieces in the season there is a strong essence of romanticism throughout the collection. We stayed true to our our tone or tone styles but we have decided to embrace stronger colour mixes as well for this season. Like every season we have used our classic main pastel colours dusty pale pink, sky blue, apricot and white, however we have added stronger colours as well, Fuchsia and Amber Blue and Black. The detailing involved shades of pink, shades of blue, shades of green.

The collection has wide range of lines, while each line has it own spirit, the styles in each line varies from statement pieces to half moon 50’s style headpieces which you can wear day to night.  

All the hats are named after tropical islands all around the world in reference to all the travel, beauty and the glamour of nature we have missed over the past two years.