Sample Sale

Merve Bayindir millinery is proud to be a sustainable brand therefore we do not produce anything we do not receive orders for, however every season we have sample products left in our stock. We have realised we got quite the archive with all our sample products, so we are happy to announce that we will be making products available weekly with discounted prices. 

A sample product is either the very first model we made for presenting to buyers & clients or a product made for press use. Basically the pieces are used in showroom or press shoots or celebrity loans therefore they are used. However any product we put here has been through a check & fix process and needs to be marked as good condition to be sold by us. 

****All shipments are sign and tracked. We have free shipment in UK and fix prices for the rest of world

****Although you will receive your sample piece in a standard box it will not be a custom velvet hat box.

****You can return the item in your own expense as longs as all tags are intact. If the seal on the hat tag is broken we will not accept the return. We do not take responsibility for lost products.


Sorry, there are no products in this collection.