I personally believe an heirloom, no matter what, is the most valuable possessions a person can have. An item that has passed on, sometimes for generations, that has love and history in it. Something that you can only be a keeper but never an owner, yet something that would be owned by a long line of loved ones.  With this collection I wanted to create pieces for new generations who want to create their own heirlooms, while they take this big step to the next chapter of their lives.

This meticulously created collection consist of various styles. In order the create pieces that worth becoming heirlooms we went all the way back to 20’s and come to 2020’s . We have investigated the iconic creations of the Maestros of millinery in order to salute their artistry as well as craftsmanship. We wanted to create timeless pieces, like they did in their honour, so we could create pieces worthy of becoming Heirlooms.
Every detail of each hat is hand-made, from flowers to embroidery.  Heirloom is an infusion of modern materials with old techniques. The detailing on each hat is thought carefully and crafted with love and patience. The simplicity of each piece is the result of carefully thought interrogate detailing.