Autumn/Winter 21


A year of despair and unknown, a pandemic, fires, earthquakes, racial killings, global warming, Brexit, Trump, facing ourselves, missed family and friends, lots of questions, home stylings and lost collections. These and more are pretty much the sum of 2020 for most of us.

Yet I believe this is a new beginning. It is time to think smart, play smart, not give up and get ready to embrace future and change. In the spirit of all this and considering we had a lost winter, instead of creating a whole new collection for this season, we gather some off our most popular pieces, some of our never seen pieces, and some of our buyer’s favourites from AW20. 

It is slightly different than our usual attitude of concentration on a topic and creating lines as you can imagine. Instead we have tried to give you a wide range of styles and colours. We believe there is something for everyone. 

Please don’t think that this is what we will do from now on, on the contrary we are all ready working on our SS22 collection, as well as a new line of bridal and sports wear. Taking this season for fallow is just going to make us stronger and better, with that spirit we present “UNPRECEDENTED AW21”

43 products

43 products